[New Wishes] Promise Day Quotes for Love, Parents, Husband, Wife in 2023

Promises‘ importance in a partnership does not need to be explained. Promises are significant, and relationships are built on them. Happy and prosperous relationships are built on the promise of trust, faith, love, loyalty, and secrecy. Promise Day, the fifth day of Valentine’s Week, honours the importance of people keeping their pledges to one another. If you want to make a promise to your loved one or someone else, these Promise Day messages, quotations, and wishes can help you communicate your pledges and vows in a way that strengthens and eternalizes your tie.

It’s a day where you show how much you care or adore that person with a promise. The promise means a lot if that is from our close ones. That is why we decided to spring different promise ideas for different relations. Here are Promise day quotes by Husband, boyfriends, parents and many more. Just swipe and see!

Promise Day Quotes For Husband

 Your husband has vowed to love you and look after you throughout your life. And now, on this Promise day, it’s your turn to return his deep love. With these heartfelt messages and wishes, make an unending pledge of endless love and togetherness to him, and strengthen your marriage bonds even more.

  • To my dearest husband, I want to make just one promise that I will never let this love fade away from our marriage…. Happy Promise Day.
  • As long as the sun shines bright, the stars twinkle in the night, I will only be yours forever
  • I promise you all the happiness and love in this world, which you truly deserve 
  • Forever is neither today nor tomorrow… But it is a lifetime. And I promise to love you forever…
  • Speaking without egos, Loving without intentions, Caring without expectations, I promise you that you will be mine always
  • Love is the joy of today and a promise of tomorrow. On this Promise Day, I solemnly promise that I will love you forever and throughout my life. 
  • The relation between two hearts is called love, but the relation between two heartbeats is called true love.
  • On this Promise Day, I promise I’ll always be there to hold your hand, When sorrows come and miseries land.
  • No matter how tough it gets, no matter how dark it gets, I promise to always hold your hands and walk this life with you…. Happy Promise Day.
  • On Promise Day, I want you to promise me that you will always keep up with your promises.
Promise Day Quotes For Husband1
Promise Day Quotes For Husband1

Promises To My Beautiful Wife

On February 11th, make a promise to your wonderful lady since it is Promise Day!!! With beautiful World, Promise Day texts send her your affection and convey your sentiments. With these insightful phrases and Promise Day greetings for your wife, you may give her your word.

  • I will always be your strength and your pride…. It is a promise that my love will never fade, even when I am not there…. Happy Promise Day.
  • Promise Day gives me a chance to promise my wife that I will always be the best husband and also the best father…. Happy Promise Day.
  • True love always asks for commitment and trust. 
  • I promise you that I’ll never disappoint you. Happy Promise Day!
  • On the occasion of Promise Day, I don’t want to make any promises but I want to tell you that my love for you is going to increase with each passing day.
  • Promise me with all your heart, you will never let us fall apart, you’ll always keep me strong, & promise me that you’ll never be gone. Happy Promise Day, wifey!
  • I promise to always love you, to never break my promises, to go out on vacations with you, to never forget your birthday or our anniversary.
  • Thank you for giving me a reason to smile always, thank you for giving me a reason to admire you, thank you for loving me throughout the year. Promise me that you’ll keep showering your love like this on me. 
  • I love you without purpose, I care for you without expectations, I promise you of our togetherness forever. Happy Promise Day!
  • With every heartbeat, I will love you more and more. After so many years of togetherness, It’s my promise to you, my love. Happy Promise Day, Beautiful!
Promises To My Beautiful Wife1
Promises To My Beautiful Wife1

Forever Promise Day Quotes To Boyfriend

You may adore him from the depths of your heart, but you are hesitant to publicly express your feelings for him. Make this Promise Day one to remember for him and you by promising him your eternal love and support. On this important day, send him these sweet messages to let him know how much you care about him.

  • I promise to foster the loving bond that exists between us. I promise to be with you always. Happy Promise Day!- 
  • I promise to keep motivating you to push yourself…And, when you feel like quitting, I will become your strength and take you forward. Happy Promise Day!
  • Right, of course. But you keep the promise anyway. That’s what love is. Love is keeping the promise anyway.
  • Happy Promise day for all our happiness and sorrow.
  • I want our love to blossom forever. I want to be yours now and always. Promise me that you will never leave me. Happy Promise Day, my forever love!
  • I promise to continue doing things that you love and keep winning your heart even after you are mine. Happy Promise Day, my man!
  • I will be with you until the sun falls from the sky. Happy Promise Day!
  • I promise I’ll be there for you. Happy Promise Day!
  • Happy Promise Day! You are the king of my heart who will rule it forever. Happy Promise Day!
  • Stay in my life & we’ll together create history. Happy Promise Day 2022
Forever Promise Day Quotes To Boyfriend1
Forever Promise Day Quotes To Boyfriend1

Promise Day Quotes For My Dear Bestie 

The importance of promises plays a role in friendship, just as it does in love relationships. Friendship is a pledge of everlasting love and closeness between two people who have become friends. The friendship is based on keeping together through joys and sorrows, celebrations and tears. This Promise Day, remind your pals of your lifetime friendship commitments. 

  • Friendship is not just a word Or a relationship,  It is a quiet promise which says, I was, I am & will always be a headache for u. Happy Promise Day, buddy!!!
  • We will always be friends. It’s a PROMISE
  • I won’t promise to be your friend forever because I won’t live that long. But let me be your friend as long as I live
  • I must have been born with a silver spoon in my mouth, As I found a person as amazing as you are, I will stick by you till the end, If you promise to be my friend, Happy Promise Day!!!
  • Most heart-touching lines are said by a true friend: I cannot promise to solve all your problems, but, I promise to never let you face them alone… Happy Promise Day, bestie!
  • Promise me, you won’t forget our conversations, our jokes, our laughs, our plans, our tears, our smiles, our memories, our friendship.
  • Promise me, you won’t forget our conversations, our jokes, our laughs, our plans, our tears, our smiles, our memories, our friendship
  • All I want is your promise to stay with me, to be mine. Sometimes it feels like you can’t possibly be real. Promise me you’ll stay.
  • Friendship is a promise made from the heart, Silent, unspoken, unbreakable by distance, Constant with time, Thanks for being my best friend…Happy Promise Day!
  • Friendship is a language spoken by heart, neither written on paper nor given by assurance. It’s a promise on this happy promise day, to renew every time we keep in touch.
Promise Day Quotes For My Dear Bestie 1
Promise Day Quotes For My Dear Bestie 1

Love Promises By Him

This is a vow that will last forever. Promise Day allows individuals in love a chance to make amends and promise to remain together forever, regardless of what has transpired in the past. It, but instead of making large phoney promises to your girlfriend that you can’t follow, make smaller, more practical ones. The most important pledge you can make to each other is to be friends first, before becoming life partners, and to stand by each other through good and bad times.

  • Promise me that you will never leave me alone.
  • I promise that I’ll never make you feel alone. Happy promise day love. Let’s promise each other to be best friends forever.
  •  I promise to never abandon you at any point in life. Happy Promise Day!
  •  You’re my lottery to happiness. Thank God I’ve won it. I promise to love you and take care of you as long as I’m alive!
  • You bring the best out of me. Stay in my life, we will make heaven on Earth. Happy Promise Day baby!
  • No love story was ever so romantic and passionate. No promise was ever so effective. You and I are going to make history! Happy promise day!
  •  I’m so in love with you that loving you has become the meaning of my life.
  •  I was directionless before I met you. You gave my life a new meaning, a new promise that I aim to keep for the rest of my life.
  • Promises are not meant to be broken. They’re not eggs.
  •  Even if I promise my whole world to you, it would be so little. You have given me so much love that can never be repaid.
Love Promises By Him1
Love Promises By Him1

Dearest Promise Day Quotes For Sister

As the big brother, you’re under a lot of pressure to set a good example, show your support, and lookout for the best interests of your siblings. You make pledges to one other as siblings — solemn pinky swears – that you will always be there for each other.

  • I promise to be your wing-boy for life. If you need a date to that awkward dinner party or to go watch the movie that no one else wants to see – I’m your boy!
  • I promise to not disown you. This relationship goes both ways.
  • I promise to cover for you. No amount of parental pressure will get me to throw you under the bus. (Circle of trust!)
  • I promise not to embarrass you too much. (BTW, you’re not allowed to disown me. Mom said!)
  • I promise I will be your alibi. (Just keep me in the loop!
  • I promise, if it’s an emergency, I will drop everything to be there for you. You name it, anywhere and anytime! 
  •  I promise to babysit your children free of charge while you have a date night.
  •  I promise you can call me any time – day or night. You may have to do the ring–text–ring thing so I know you want me to answer your call, but confidently know you’re on that short call list of favourites.
  • I promise to be your biggest cheerleader. All your accomplishments, big and small, are worth celebrating with cake in my book!
Dearest Promise Day Quotes For Sister1
Dearest Promise Day Quotes For Sister1

My Superhero – Promise Day Quotes For Brother

On the occasion of Pledge Day, make a promise to your loving brother by sending him some truly stunning Happy Promise Day Quotes for your brother. With Promise Day wishes and Promise Day messages for brother and brother in law, show him how much you care on this particular day.

  • I promise to let you cry around me if you have to. We both know I’ve cried around you.
  •  I promise to keep you grounded and help you make the right choices for your life.
  •  I promise one day to be the best aunt your kids will ever have. If your wife has any sisters, I’m going to one-up them all.
  • I promise to drop everything for you if you need me. Work, class, friends, whatever. Family comes first.
  • I promise to be loud and obnoxious at your graduation.
  • I promise to defend you the best as I can. After all, I’m the only one that’s allowed to pick on you.
  • I promise to support you in everything. I’ll rally behind you as you start new projects in your life, and I promise to be your crutch when things look bleak.
  • I promise to at least pretend to be interested when you yammer on about an interest that isn’t mutual.
  • I promise to one day be a good friend to your wife.
  • I promise to pray for you every day.
My Superhero Promise Day Quotes For Brother1
My Superhero Promise Day Quotes For Brother1

A Promise To My Parents

Promise Day, like any other special day, is best celebrated with family. Every child must promise something to his/her parents on a special day. Here are some personalised quotations that you can use to communicate with your friends and family. Send them flowers or greeting cards, and you’ll win their hearts and make them smile all over again!

  • On the promised day when everyone was busy promising their BF/GF, he promised his parents that he will never leave them
  • Thank you for being my childhood superhero and my biggest cheerleader as I grew up. I promise to always live up to your expectations
  • I promise to never ignore your phone call and call you up every night
  • I promise to always try and make you proud!
  • I promise to eat healthily and not lie when you ask
  • I promise to be your loudest cheerleader at whatever you do, even when I know you’ll fail
  • I promise to keep my room tidy (well, most of the time anyway)
  • I promise to keep your teachings close to my heart as I make my way through this world. Thank you for teaching me right from wrong
  • I promise to never stop stealing your clothes, belts, shoes, earrings…
  • I promise to help you up every time you fall
A Promise To My Parents1
A Promise To My Parents1

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