Libra is a sign for people born from 23rd September to 22 October. It is the seventh sign of zodiac signs. Libras are smart people who are believed to be intelligent. These people love to be in the company of great people and are peaceful and kind. Mentioning Libra in your Instagram Bio, or for posting a quote on your WhatsApp status adds positivity to your personality.

We have gathered all forms of Libra Quotes for all Purposes. We have Savage Quotes for Libras, Love Quotes for Libras, Libra Quotes for him and her. The best collection of Libra Quotes for males and females for Instagram bios is also added in the article.

Savage Quotes for Libra

Libras are known for their desire to be in the company of Great People. If you are looking for Savage Quotes for yourself, or your Libra friend, checkout the amazing list of quotes here.

  • A libra carry a lot of pain inside, and still wake up every morning with a smile on their face and make sure everyone else is okay.
  • 3 Words that terrify Libra: Decision, Commitment, and Deadline.
  • Libra: I may forgive, but I still hold grudges.
  • Type of lover a Libra is: You never have to question if they love you, because they show it every chance they get.
  • Libras are the quiet freaks.
  • When you get into an awkward situation, let a Libra do all the talking. They can negotiate themselves out of anything.
  • Libra: I’m not flirting with you. I’m just being nice.
  • Libra is the Scales, sir. Justice maybe? The idol could be a statue by the Law Courts.” -DS Peter Jakes
  • Libra’s will leave you speechless with sweet nothings.
  • Libra have their opinion. But they keep it to themselves.
Savage Quotes for Libra
Savage Quotes for Libra

Libra Quotes for Instagram Bio

Mentioning Libra in Instagram Bio is an amazing sign to show your Positive Attitude. It makes you look smart, and that you know about yourself. It also shows that you believe in destiny. Checkout the best quotes for your Instagram BIO.

  • Type of Lover a Libra is: You never have to question if they love you, because they show it every chance they get.
  • I am a Libra, let’s balance the scales.
  • Don’t mistake a Libra’s compassion for stupidity because they can see through all the bullshit.
  • When a Libra loves you, they love you with their entire soul. They will always accommodate to make sure that your happiness comes first.
  • No need to give Libra orders. They won’t obey them, anyway.
  • Be there for Libra, especially when they need to make up their minds.
  • A Libra is the right blend of beauty and brains to make the ideal lover.
  • Libra has a hard time figuring out what they want. But if they want something, they will get it no matter what it takes.
  • Libras either care too much or don’t care at all.
Libra Quotes for Instagram Bio
Libra Quotes for Instagram Bio

Libra Quotes to Celebrate Love

Love is prime trait of a Libra. If you are looking for how Libra shows his/her love, here are the perfect quotes that will help you with the same.

  • Libra Mood: Crying every day is my aesthetic.
  • A Libra’s friendship and love is worth gold.
  • Libra has a hard time functioning with a broken heart.
  • Libra: Romantic, fair, indecisive, diplomatic, sociable intelligent, kind, peaceful, bossy, idealistic, charming, laid back, optimistic, extrovert.
  • Libra: After a bad break up you are confident that you are strong enough to open up again and brave enough to let someone else in.
  • Welcome to Libra season, aka the chillest of them all.
  • Libra often attracts attention without even trying.
  • Beware of the sudden Libra mood swings. Yes, they do seem to come out of nowhere sometimes.
  • Libra in quarantine: watch true crime stories all day and dress up for no reason.
Libra Quotes to Celebrate Love
Libra Quotes to Celebrate Love

Libra Quotes for Male / Him / Her

Hey buddy..!! Looking for Libra Quotes for Males. Want to say something to your libra friend? Right. Check out these quotes for him.

  • Libra is the best friend. They always listen and never judge.
  • After a breakup, a Libra will make do with the decision and be off to create an exciting new balance in their life.
  • I’m a Libra and I’m damn proud of it.
  • Libra: I can’t keep calm it’s my birthday.
  • On my Libra scale, I’m weighing sins and forgiveness.
  • Libra: Can I filter out haters?
  • All Libras speak at least five languages: English, love, sarcasm, truth, and justice.
  • Libra will often smile when they’re being completely honest making it seem like they’re lying and then no one believes them.
  • Libras are master kissers and can be master seducers once they set their eyes on you.
  • Libra: A warrior’s mentality with a poet’s soul.
Libra Quotes for Male Him Her
Libra Quotes for Male Him Her

Short Libra Quotes (One-Liners)

Short Libra Quotes can be really appealing and can be used in Instagram posts as captions. You can also use these One Liners in any of your posts.

  • A Libra will love you even at your absolute worst, but push it too far and they have a hard time forgiving and forgetting.
  • A Libra’s Best Adviser: Sagittarius.
  • Libra men is gallant, tactful, well dressed, and even better behaved. However; it’s not the way to understand Libra men.
  • Why, Libra personality is a warrior personality.
  • Don’t let Libra’s romantic softness and love for peace fool you, they can get ruthless.
  • It takes a lot for a Libra to stop talking to someone. When they do, they cut ties for good and there is no changing that.
  • As a Libra, you win people over with your charm.
  • I always feel more grounded and stable when I have balance in my life; I’m a Libra!
  • I am a Libra, so I have to balance things.
  • Libras talk too much, but can be patient listeners.
  • Sometimes Libras want others to feel happy so bad that they forget to make themselves happy.
  • Libra can be self-critical even when everyone loves them.
Short Libra Quotes One Liners
Short Libra Quotes One Liners

Funny Libra Quotes to Make you Laugh

Funny Libra Quotes are the ones, that will make you laugh hilariously. If you are looking to have fun with your Libra friend/Girlfriend. These quotes will definitely help you achieve this.

  • Libra be like: Have trust issues but still manage to trust the wrong ones.
  • Libras are constantly sniffing the tension and trying to smooth it.
  • I’m a Libra, I always have two sides of everything.
  • A Libra will never tell you something straight away, instead, they’ll sit with it until they feel it’s the right time.
  • Libra: I’m not indecisive. I’m cautious.
  • Don’t expect the same thing twice from a Libra, or for them to keep repeating themselves. Once they said what they had to say it’s over.
  • If Libra doesn’t say something, their face does all the work.
  • Libra: Apology accepted, trust denied. We move on.
  • I’m a Libra, I always have two sides of everything.
  • Libra only lose their cool when they fall in love.
  • Libra And Aquarius Compatibility: They may have frequent fights but they both need each other and this fact is well known to them.
  • Give a Libra 100% of you and expect to get 1000% of them in return.
Funny Libra Quotes to Make you Laugh
Funny Libra Quotes to Make you Laugh

Libra Quotes and Images

Libra Quotes are inefficient without Images for Libra. Here are some images that you would love to checkout being a Libra. You can also post these images on your social media handles as well.

  • Librans love hard, but they’ll walk away from the relationship even if it’s the most difficult decision they have to make.
  • Libra Dream: For the world to become a peaceful, happy place.
  • Libra will make you feel special. That is their charm.
  • Libras receive great pleasure by pleasing and helping others.
  • A libra is skilled enough to be one step ahead, but make you believe they are one step behind.
  • Libras are really good at breaking the ice in social obligations. And if they need all the time to make decisions and do great things, so be it.
  • Don’t rush a Libra. Something this good takes time.
  • I am a Libra so I have to balance things.
  • I’m Libra, sometimes I’m nice sometimes I’m not.
  • There is nothing that Libra wants more than peace, harmony, and beautiful surroundings.
  • Libra’s are rarely wrong and they are usually right. So, arguing with them is pointless.
  • Libras either care too much or don’t care at all.
Libra Quotes and Images
Libra Quotes and Images

Female Libra Quotes

Females are the ones that are more interested in being a Libra. Because it suits their nature. That is being in the company of great people. :p Anyways checkout the best quotes for you.

  • I’m a Libra. That means that I can make a decision, but only after much thought.
  • Libra is a clever zodiac sign who is far more mysterious than you realize.
  • All Libra’s are good at arts, drawing, creating, sports, (their hobbies, you name it) but not with math or science.
  • I’m Libra and to mess with a libra will leave you nowhere.” — YA Chhora
  • Libras are charming individuals who can put on an array of faces to please anyone they are with.
  • Libras are the only ones who can insult you and still sound nice.
  • Libras don’t fall for just anyone, so when they choose you know that it’s the real deal.
  • Don’t create drama to catch a Libra’s attention. It will drive them away.
  • Libra only lose their cool when they fall in love.
  • You could give Libra two weeks to do something and they still wouldn’t do it until the night before that it’s due.
  • Libras don’t lose it”. They keep their cool even in chaos.
  • It’s really okay to not be a diplomat most of the time… not all can be a Libra, you know.
Female Libra Quotes
Female Libra Quotes