[New Wishes] Belated Birthday Quotes for Everyone in 2023

It’s no mystery that life may get away from you at times, and special occasions like birthdays, as much as we hate to admit it, can slip through our fingers. It can be upsetting to realize you’ve missed a loved one’s birthday, so we’ve compiled a list of quotes to help you find the appropriate words to express your regret and repair any damage. There is some misunderstanding about how to send late birthday greetings. Some of you may be wondering whether ‘happy belated birthday‘ or ‘belated happy birthday‘ is the acceptable wording.

While it can be difficult, the best approach to wish someone a happy belated birthday is to do so genuinely and from the soul. People’s lives are hectic, and it’s not uncommon for them to overlook even the most significant events. Even if the other person is upset, they will understand. Here we have compiled different sort of quotes for different relations. From family to friends and even for you loved ones!

Belated Birthday Quotes For Friend

We’ve compiled a collection of belated birthday quotes for everyone in your family. So the next time you forget a special birthday, you won’t have to waste time pondering what to say to make things right. You can check them out and pick any of them to give your love and support.

  • It’s never too late to wish a wonderful friend like you happy birthday. May your life be full of peace, joy, happiness and success. Happy belated birthday friend.
  • Despite my wishes being a little late, you know they are straight from the bottom of my heart. I wish you success in all your endeavors. Happy belated birthday, my friend.
  • A belated happy birthday to you. May all the good things that life has to offer always find their way to your doorstep (hopefully quicker than this card!)
  • Wishing you a belated happy birthday, pal! Sorry I missed the big day, but thought I’d extend your birthday a little longer.
  • Happy Little-Bit-Late Birthday! Sorry I forgot, but I wanted to send you belated birthday wishes all the same!
  • Because I forgot your birthday, to your hurt and my regret there is no end. Maybe this is life’s way of showing how much we mean to each other as friends. Happy belated birthday.
  • I forgot your birthday but hey, at least I didn’t forget that I forgot it. Happy belated birthday.
  • We get so much homework and we are loaded with so many projects. I forgot your birthday and I blame it on the education system. Happy belated birthday mate.
  • I didn’t wish you on your birthday because I didn’t want to interrupt you in mourning the passing of yet another youthful year of your life. Happy belated birthday.
  • Friendship starts with F but do you know what else starts with F? Forgetfulness and Forgiveness. So please forgive me for forgetting your birthday. Happy belated birthday.
Belated Birthday Quotes For Friend1 2
Belated Birthday Quotes For Friend1 2

Quotes To Send For Belated Birthday

It’s never too late to wish a close friend, family member, or someone else a happy birthday. When the ones who matter remember, special occasions shine even brighter. So, show a loved one that you care and remember them. Choose your favorite birthday quotes to send from our carefully prepared list below!

  • The biggest surprise is always the last one. Not wishing you on time was totally intentional. I just wanted to give you a surprise. Happy belated birthday!
  • Here is wishing you a day that special to you just the way you are to me. I know my wishes are late but they are never-the-less true. Happy belated birthday, dear!
  • The head forgets – but the heart remembers. Happy belated birthday!
  • May all your dreams come true! Wishing you a belated happy birthday!
  • Even though I missed your birthday by a mile, I hope you celebrated it with a smile.
  • Hope you had an unbelievable birthday. For me, it’s almost impossible to remember your special day. No matter what age you turn, you don’t look a day over your last birthday.
  • I’m very sorry about forgetting your special day, so please accept this belated birthday wish in the spirit it is given. Hope your birthday was incredible…just like you.
  • Even though this message comes to you a little late, the wish it brings for happiness is good on any day date. Belated happy birthday!
  • The day of your birthday may have gone by, but the happiness that you are in this world will always stay. Belated happy birthday to you. May you be blessed with a year filled with abundant blessings.
  • It’s a late one but surely not a fake one; from the deepest part of my heart, I really wish that your life will always be filled with joy, love, and happiness! Happy belated birthday!
Quotes To Send As Belated Birthday Wishes2
Quotes To Send As Belated Birthday Wishes

Funny Belated Birthday Quotes

These Funny Belated Birthday Wishes are a great way to celebrate with your loved ones because everyone enjoys a good joke. Even if your birthday quotes are a little late, the goofy jokes and funny photographs will go over well. Use a Funny Belated Birthday Quotes to send your friends and family the happiest of birthdays and a year filled with excitement and pleasure!

  • Oh “meow” gosh…I totally forgot! Happy Belated Birthday!
  • Will these puppy dog eyes help you forgive me? Happy Belated Birthday!
  • Happy Belated Birthday! Sending lots of extra love your way to help you turn that frown upside down.
  • Guilty as charged! Missing a chance to celebrate you is a crime. Happy Belated Birthday!
  • I know I missed your birthday and I’m really sorry… By chance is there any cake left?? HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY
  • Hey Girl, I can’t believe I totally spaced your big day! Happy Belated Birthday.
  • I hope you’re not feeling deflated that I’m a little belated. Happy (late) birthday!
  • I circled the date & everything! (Guess I’m out of excuses.) Happy Belated Birthday!
  • Somebody’s upset I missed their big celebration, huh? I’m so sorry I didn’t get to party with you. Happy Belated Birthday!
  • You’ll never guess what I just remembered…Happy belated birthday (from the world’s most forgetful friend)!
Funny Belated Birthday Quotes1
Funny Belated Birthday Quotes1

Belated Birthday Quotes For Sisters

It’s terrible to be unable to attend your sister’s birthday celebrations. However, if you miss your sister’s birthday, you must send her a belated birthday greeting. As a result, we’ve put up this comprehensive guide to ‘Belated Birthday Quotes for Sister.’ These late birthday quotes will help you deal with your sister after she has missed her birthday.

  • You are the sweetest, cutest, and most wonderful sister I have ever had. I am so blessed because I have got a guide like you, happy birthday to you.
  • Happy birthday to the cutest little sister in this world. You are so gorgeous that you have made me feel awesome about you.
  • It’s my wonderful and gorgeous sister’s birthday, happy birthday to you dear. I am sorry for being late.
  • Dear sister, I am extremely sorry for being late, now sending all the good wishes to you, a happy birthday.
  • Dear sister, you have the most beautiful smile, happy birthday to you, sorry for being late.
  • I can’t believe that I’ve forgotten your birthday, happy birthday to the most wonderful sister in the world.
  • I know I am late, but my love for you is always fresh, happy birthday to you, dear sister.
  • Your presence in my life has been so wonderful. I am blessed to have a wonderful sister like you, happy birthday to you, dear.
  • I can’t forget that I have forgotten your birthday, I am so sorry dear sister. Sending all the good wishes and blessings for you, happy birthday to my dear.
  • You are the one who is always with me whatever I do. You support me and encourage me with your kind words, happy birthday to you.
  • Happy birthday to my dear sister, I am so sorry for being late, honey.
Belated Birthday Quotes For Sisters1
Belated Birthday Quotes For Sisters1

Belated Birthday Quotes For Mom

Every mother desires to be loved and recognized on a daily basis, particularly on her birthday. But have you forgotten about her birthday? Don’t worry, today we’re presenting belated birthday quotes for mom, so if you forgot your mom’s birthday, scroll down and choose a quote to send her. It’s always better to be late than never!

  • A good mother is always there to support her children through good and unpleasant times. Mother, you have been more than a good mother to me, and I wish you a world packed with joyfulness. Happy late birthday!
  • I am shamefaced sending a late birthday message to such a flawless woman like you. Mom, please forgive me for this forgetfulness of mine. May God bless the many years that you have ahead of you.
  • I just wanted to say I’m ashamed, I’m sorry, but most of all I love you. Happy belated birthday, Mom.
  • Missing your birthday was one of the worst mistakes I ever made. If there is any way I can make it up to you, then please let me know!
  • If there is any way I can make it up for missing your birthday please let me know. I am always at your beck and call, Mom.
  • Mom, please forgive me for sending such a late birthday message. To me, you have been the best, and I pray that you continue being the best in my life. I pray for love and happiness in your life. Happy belated birthday!
  • My dear mother in law let me wish you wonderful moments of life and happy events, great ideas and happy mood, success in every business and great luck, family well-being and love of close people. Happy Belated birthday.
  • I hope your birthday was beautiful, but subsequent days like today even more joyous. Happy belated, Mom.
  • Happy Belated Birthday! I’m sorry I couldn’t be there with you. Next year I will be home, I promise. I love you.
  • You’re not just a mom, you’re the greatest women I know. Happy Belated Birthday
Belated Birthday Quotes For Mom1
Belated Birthday Quotes For Mom1

Quotes For Belated Birthday Girlfriend

There are few things that can upset your girl more than forgetting her birthday. Your girlfriend is the last person she expects to forget her birthday. In fact, the majority of women expect that their boyfriends would be the first to greet them on their birthday. So let us pray for you and assist you in getting out of this trouble.

  • Soft kisses, tender hugs, cute cuddles, expensive gifts and romantic dates. I will do everything to make up for wishing you late. Happy birthday.
  • I can never turn back time, but I will do everything to show you that you are mine. I love you, belated happy birthday.
  • Please don’t let one date come in the way of our magical destiny and beautiful fate. I am sorry, belated happy birthday.
  • Not even my forgetfulness, nothing in this world can keep us apart – because I am your loverboy and you are my sweetheart. Belated happy birthday.
  • For forgetting my girlfriend’s birthday, I feel like a dirty crook. This is my last tweet tweet and my last post on Facebook. I am taking a wow of silence until my girlfriend gives me that forgiving look.
  • A small corner in my heart is happy that I forgot your birthday because it is just another reason I get to cajole you, pamper you, spoil you, hug you and kiss you until you finally break into a smile. Belated happy birthday girl.
  • My girlfriend has all the right to be angry at me for forgetting her birthday. But my girlfriend also has the responsibility to forgive me if she sees that I am repenting and regretting it in a big way. Belated happy birthday.
  • I am drowning, gasping for air. Your heartbreak, I just can’t bear. I am the culprit, for I forgot your birthday. I hope my belated greetings, make you smile away.
  • True love is when happiness overpowers sadness and forgiveness triumphs over forgetfulness. Since ours is true love, please forgive me, my princess. Belated happy birthday.
  • Birthdays are never meant to be forgotten but cute boyfriends like me are meant to be forgiven. Belated happy birthday.
Quotes For Belated Birthday Girlfriend1
Quotes For Belated Birthday Girlfriend1

Belated Birthday Quotes For Boyfriend

Is it true that you forgot about your boyfriend’s birthday? You’ll have to make up for it by doing a lot more than just writing him a witty greeting card. Ask for forgiveness by expressing your sorrow and regret for your careless error. Tell him how much more important your love for him is than memorizing dates, whether it’s his or yours. Use these quotations to your advantage.

  • I have been so busy dreaming of you that I forgot your birthday. Please forgive this romantic mistake. Belated happy birthday.
  • I forgot your birthday, for which I am really sorry. I am weeping and sobbing, hoping you will forgive me. I made an honest mistake, I hope you can see. Please give me a hug – in your arms I want to be. Happy belated birthday.
  • I know you are feeling sad but so am I. I can feel how your heart is weeping but so is mine. I am sorry for forgetting your birthday but I want you to know that it hurts me as much as it hurts you. Happy belated birthday.
  • How angry you become at me for forgetting your birthday shows how much you love me. I am glad I forgot your birthday because now I know you love me a lot. Happy belated birthday.
  • I could write a quote about love and ask for your forgiveness. But instead, I want you to put your put your ears to my heart and listen to it cry. Happy belated birthday sweetheart.
  • I am so sorry for being forgetful, I feel ugly from inside and so shameful. Please give me a hug to put me, out of this dreadful agony. Happy belated birthday.
  • You have always been the prince of my life but since I forgot your birthday, you have officially become king for a month. Your wish is my command, Your Highness. Belated happy birthday.
  • I have been a bad girlfriend, I know. I want you to be angry at me, let your emotions show. Give me the harshest punishment, have no mercy. I am ready to suffer in pain, as long as you forgive me. I love you, happy belated birthday.
  • Facebook, Snapchat, WordPress and Twitter. Instagram, Google Plus, LinkedIn and Flickr. All these networks I am going to use excessively, to give you my apology publicly. Happy belated birthday.
  • This is your chance to get back at me and punish me all you want, but on one condition. All your punishments will begin with koala hugs and end with mushy kisses. Belated happy birthday.
Belated Birthday Quotes For Boyfriend1
Belated Birthday Quotes For Boyfriend1

Sorry Quotes To Use For Belated Birthday

Missing a friend’s or family member’s birthday can cause remorse, and in certain situations, it can cause a relationship to become strained. Regardless, you should be aware that forgetting is a common occurrence. What matters is how you make amends with them. And what better way to express regret than with a belated birthday quote?

  • I can’t believe I forgot your birthday. Please accept my apologies, and I wish you a blessed and happy year to come. Belated happy birthday, friend.
  • I have a funny feeling something important just happened, and I missed it. Was it your birthday yesterday? I hope it was a good one and that you’ll have a productive year ahead.
  • Oh dear, I missed your birthday. Sorry about that. I hope it was fabulous. I wish you good health and happiness for the year to come. Receive my belated birthday wishes.
  • I don’t know how I missed your birthday, but I hope it was a good one. Above all, I hope you enjoyed yourself without limits. Receive my best wishes for the year ahead.
  • Belated Happy Birthday, my close friend. I am so sorry for forgetting. Please accept my belated greetings and my best wishes for a great year ahead.
  • Somehow, I lost track of time, and I seem to have missed your special day. I am so sorry. I hope it was spectacular. Belated Happy Birthday, darling.
  • Happy Birthday, little one! I know it has already passed, but I hope this wish counts. Well, I hope you had a good day and that you get the best in the year to come.
  • As I get older, it gets harder to remember important dates. Now that you are a year older, maybe you can understand. I bet you had fun without me? Belated Happy Birthday and jolly days ahead.
  • Even though I am late for your birthday, I want you to know how special you are. I’ll be the first one to attend all your birthdays in the future. Have a blessed year ahead.
  • Happy birthday to my dear friend, though a little late. I hope you enjoyed your big day. Accept my best wishes and blessings for a prosperous year to come.
Sorry Quotes To Use For Belated Birthday2
Sorry Quotes To Use For Belated Birthday2

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